Azha McIntosh

The Youth

Philadelphia based designer, Azha Mcintosh, has been honing her skills in the art of designing and creating since the tender age of nine. Her first interests started in fashion, which led her to obtaining her BA in Fashion Design and Textiles. Whilst attending college, Azha was exposed to teachings and techniques which inspired a new love for creating digitally. She often fuses her background in textiles with her skills in digital illustration, to get the perfect blend of all her interests within her work. Azha’s love for all things learning inspires her work and motivates her to create in various mediums.

The Youth are the future. They are our ancestors’ wildest dreams and embody the infinite possibilities of what we as a people, a community can become. The innocence and vital energy of The Youth must be protected and guided by The Elders as they develop and find their own way in the world. Every generation has their time to learn hard lessons and must take heed not to grow up too fast.