Ernel Martinez

The Artist

Ernel Martinez was born in Belize. He was raised in South Central Los Angeles and Detroit. His introduction to art world came in the form of graffiti. He Studied art at Pratt Institute and attainted his BFA from the Kutztown University. In 2004, he received his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2003, Ernel began making public art in the city of Philadelphia, as well as working with various non-profits and social services to provide art to disenfranchised youth. His artistic practice focuses on creative methods to give urban communities the tools to tell their stories through art making. He uses their stories as a framework to produce social-practice artwork to engage and build dialogue.

He believes that art enriches communities and is the path to “true” collaboration.

The Artist is the people’s bridge to new possibilities. Through the power of imagination and vision, The Artist dreams new worlds and realities into existence for others to see and believe in. The creative works of The Artist can inspire hope and action towards a better tomorrow.