Nazeer Abree

The Designer

Nazeer Sabree is a contemporary visual artist from West Philadelphia. Nazeer’s work is generally and most notably focused on depicting the dichotomy of everyday life in black culture. The themes explored in his works are individual and shared cultural experiences, identity, mental health, belonging, and African American history.

Nazeer’s concepts and material are motivated by his nomadic upbringing and experiences in Philadelphia. Using textiles, photographs, magazines, shell casings, and other everyday items in a nontraditional way adds a coating of the connection to his environment. The complexity in which he depicts and discusses mental health is motivated by his lived experiences with depression and anxiety. Nazeer’s work hopes to inspire and create an outlet vulnerable space for viewers as much as it does for himself.

The Designer creates at the intersection of art and science, space and community. They are visionaries with the skills and a plan to re-imagine and rebuild the world.  The Designer has a gift for seeing where patterns connect and how dreams of the mind’s eye can become reality.  When informed by the needs and desires of the people, The Designer has the power to build bridges to brighter tomorrows.