Rushawn Stanley

The Peacemaker

Rushawn Stanley, aka Scum Lizard, is an American-born, multidisciplinary artist based out of Philadelphia, PA. With use of highly-saturated, colorful, amorphous figures, Rushawn’s work focuses on the relationship between contrasting themes and elements — he describes it as “the gray smear between black and white”. Each of his pieces are heavily influenced by his studies in psychology, philosophy and theoretical physics, which act as filters for varying layers of depths in the worlds he crafts. His art is participatory in that one becomes the telescope, philosopher, and psychologist.

Violence and conflict have only seemed to amplify in the Age of Corona and this time of social distance and disconnect. The Peacemaker offers the community tools for creative problem solving, compromise and positive resolution. Accountability and atonement, reconciliation and repair are all embodied within The Peacemaker.